1. Do I have to order On-Line or can I mail you my order?
    We only accept On-Line Ordrers. We do this for the following reasons:
      a. It is much easier to keep track of orders coming in since we don't  have to get orders from various sources
      b. It speeds up the time orders are processed since we don't have to hold checks & money orders while waiting for them to            clear.
      c. Our customers don't have to worry if the payment arrived and we don't have to spend endless hours answering  emails
           & phone calls asking " Did you get my payment ?"
      d. AND MOST IMPORTANT.....Credit Cards are issued to people over 18

2.  How do my items come packaged?
      All items come discreetly packaged w/ plain labels on the items in generic DVD envelopes. Those items are then bubble
      wrapped to prevent damage. Then they are sent to you via USPS in plain packaging that will have a simple return address:
      9796inc . This is done to protect your privacy & discretion.

3.  What will appear on my credit card statement?
      All charges you make for purchases on our website will show up as "9796inc", as we process our orders thru our    
                  parent company, 9796inc.

4. What is your policy regarding refunds, exchanges & returns?
     We do not offer refunds or exchanges. Once you purchase an item, it is your's.
      If an item is damaged or defective simply return it for replacement. You must either email us or contact us by phone,
      before returning a defective or damaged item so we may email you the form to send back w/ the damaged or defective

5. How can I contact you?
    Our contact info is located on the link provided on the front page

6. How much is shipping ?
    If you are within the USA, or it's territories, an APO or an FPO...it is free
    If you are anywhere else in the world....you MUST add the appropriate shipping . To do this simply click on the
    INTERNATIONAL FLAG BANNER,( located on every page ) , this will take you to our International
    Shipping Rates page. Click on the Flag that applies to your location, then click on the number of items and this will add
    the correct shipping to your international order. If you do not do this, your order will not be sent out internationally.  

7. How long does it take my items to arrive?
     For US Orders:
     All items are shipped out from our warehouse in 4-5 business days,via the USPS media mail ( this is why there is no
     charge for shipping within the US ) and take about 7-10 business days, from that point, to reach you.
     For International Orders:
     All items are shipped from our warehouse in 4-5 business days via the USPS Air Mail ,  everywhere else. Again allow 7-10      business days from them to reach you. If you live in an area that accepts neither, then we will send your item via the                    USPS Economy. This will take from 4-6 weeks to reach you.        
    We are not responsible for the length of time an item may take in reaching an international destination where a dictatorship
     is in power. Nor, for a region where a condition of war or upheavel exists. This is particularly true of the Middle East.
    Also note, we bear NO RESPONSIBILITY or LIABILITY, when shipping to ANY COUNTRY outside the USA.
   Customs Regualtions & The Legality of the items ordered are solely the responsibility of the buyer. All international buyers are
    hereby put on notice that if YOUR COUNTRY'S Customs siezes your order or denies delivery of your order, there will be      NO REFUNDS, & by ordering from us, you waive ALL RIGHTS to file for refunds thru your CC company or Paypal, or to   seek refunding though any other means.

8. Do you accept PayPal?

9. What is your privacy policy?
     Our privacy policy is stated on the link provided on the front page marked " PRIVACY POLICY". We are STRONG
     supporters of your 1st Amendment Rights!!

10. I  don't see my favorite Porn Star on your site.
      Simply email us and we'll see what we can do about getting the items you want added onto our site. And remember,
      OUR CATALOG IS ALWAYS GROWING, so check back with us often!!

11. Will your DVDs be playable on my DVD player or computer?
We have tried our DVDs on numerous DVD players & Computers. The only systems that seems to not read
       our DVDs, as far as we know, are CyberHome, ESA, & Apex  Brand DVD devices. We have had no problems reported        with any other systems. We do not guarantee that our DVDs will play on any computer system as they are intended for            home DVD players.  Our DVDs are region free also.

12. If I buy more than 1 volume of compilations featuring my favorite star, will any of the scenes be duplicated?
Simply put...NO!!! We know how it feels to buy " different compilations" featuring a certain star, only to have a bunch
       of the same scenes pop up on all the different DVDs.  We guarantee that no scenes will appear more than once in any
       one star's compilation ( s )!!! That's why we offer  images from every compilation. So you can see exactly what your

13. Will you sell my personal info to anyone?
As stated in our Privacy Policy.....NO!!!

14. When I order, will I start getting any of those annoying "spam " mailings from you?
Again, the answer is NO!!!

15. Is there an order limit in place?
Again, the answer is NO!!!