It is with deep sorrow, and the saddest regret, that we here, at Erica, report the passing of Erica Boyer. Her light was extinguished on New Year’s Eve 2009 in a pedestrian accident near her home in
Panama City Beach, FL at around 8:20pm.
Amanda Margarett Gant-Jensen (Erica’s real name) is survived by her son, Davis & husband, Derek.
She was 53 years young.

The Following Obituaries & Related News Articles are Furnished Here in an Effort to Help us All Come to Terms with the Passing of Erica. She was an Inspiration of Life, Love & Expression. A True Legend!! She will be Missed.

The Panama City Herald ran this account of the accident on Jan 7, 2010
A Panama City Beach woman was killed Thursday night when she tried to cross Front Beach Road at about 8:20 p.m., the Florida Highway Patrol said in a news release.
Amanda Jensen, 53, was traveling south and was attempting to cross Front Beach road near 2nd Street when she was struck by a 2001 four door Hyundai being driven by 25-year-old Gregory A. Lowe of Fort Walton Beach, investigators wrote. Lowe and his passenger, Tiffany Lowe, 26, suffered minor injuries in the incident, officials said. Jensen was pronounced dead at the scene.
Charges in the case are pending further investigation, officials said in a news release.

Genesis Magazine Ran this obituary on Jan 12, 2010
Various news sources — both adult and mainstream — are reporting that former adult star and AVN Hall of Famer Erica Boyer died after being struck by a car in Panama City Beach, Florida on New Year’s Eve. She had turned 53 a little more than a week prior.

The Panama City News-Herald reported that Erica, whose real name was Amanda Jensen, was crossing an intersection as a pedestrian at around 8:20pm on December 31st, and while attempting to cross, she  was struck by a car. Amanda died  instantly. Authorities are investigating the accident and charges may be filed pending the results.

Boyer began her career with one movie in 1974, and then after a hiatus, she returned five years later and appeared in over 300 adult films. Her final role was for the movie  Dark Chambers, which starred the late Marilyn Chambers in 1999.

AVN ran this obituary on Jan 12, 2010
PORN VALLEY—According to news reports, actress Erica Boyer was killed on New Year's Eve in a traffic accident near her home in Panama City Beach, Florida, where she had been living since her retirement from the adult industry in 1994. She was 53 years old, and is reportedly survived by one son.

The Panama City News-Herald has reported that Amanda Jensen, Boyer's real name, was traveling south on Front Beach Road (U.S. Highway 98) near Second Street, and while attempting to cross Front Beach Road was struck by a 2001 four-door Hyundai being driven by an off-duty officer in the Florida Highway Patrol, Gregory Lowe of Fort Walton Beach. She was killed instantly. The accident occurred at 8:20 p.m. on New Year's Eve, and is currently under investigation by the Highway Patrol.

According to the Internet Adult Film Database, Boyer began her XXX career in a little-seen 1974 movie, Cowgirls In Chains, but waited another five years before fully taking the plunge into adult acting. From that point, she worked regularly for another 25 years, during which period she racked up the vast majority of her 184 features. However, she did come out of retirement briefly in the early 2000s.

"The only time I ever worked with Erica was when she found out I was making a movie with Marilyn [Chambers]," recalled actress/director Veronica Hart. "She flipped; she said, 'I have to do a scene with her.' It's something she'd wanted to do all her life, and she basically came out of retirement to do a scene with Marilyn, because she just loved her so much."

The movie was Dark Chambers, the second of a trio of movies Chambers did for VCA beginning in 1999, and Boyer's final on-camera appearance.

"She was just so nice and so sweet," Hart continued. "She was living in Florida. Everybody had only the nicest things to say about her. She was just a gem to work with, and she was so thrilled to work with Marilyn, and I was so happy to be able to put them together."

Boyer was known primarily for her girl/girl scenes, and reportedly, that was her preference off-camera as well.

Asked in a 1989 interview whether there were any real lesbians in the adult industry, bisexual actress Nina Hartley replied, "There used to be two: Erica Boyer and Barbara Dare. While for many years they had lesbian relationships off camera for emotional support and identified themselves as lesbians, each recently got married to a man. Obviously, they were basically bisexual and just hadn't found the right man yet. They still enjoy sex with women very much, and there will always be that love and affection for women. But at this point in time, they have bonded with a man."

Indeed, at the first X-Rated Critics' Organization (XRCO) Awards show, Boyer was given the "Lascivious Lesbian" award for her performance with Robin Everett in Bob Chinn's Body Girls. VCA's Every Woman Has A Fantasy also won that year for "Most Erotic Film of the Year," in which Boyer had essayed a solo, a girl/girl and a threeway scene for the film.

But it appears that Boyer's sexuality—and in fact, her life—was more complicated than that.

"She was a wonderful, wonderful, crazy, incredible woman," recalled director F.J. Lincoln. "I don't ever think I've heard her use a cross word against anybody. I know everybody's going to tell you she wasn't reliable, and that part is true: You would hire her and then think of an alternate because she wouldn't always come to work ... but when she did, she was incredible, and her and I almost ran away in Europe. We worked in italy and then we went to Germany, and we had money, and she said, 'Fuck it, let's not go home; let's just roam Europe till we run out of money,' and I guess if I'd been ten years younger, I would have said, 'Yeah.'"

"She was primarily a lesbian," he continued, "but when I first met Brad Armstrong, it was at Erica's. She invited me onto her patio and Brad was there. He was her latest boyfriend."

Boyer was also a free spirit when it came to psychedelics.

"We were all doing mushrooms once," Lincoln remembered, "and she had this thing, when she would do mushrooms, she would change her clothes like ten times during the night, and her makeup too. Our apartments were adjacent, on top of a bar in Ventura, and all of a sudden we heard her scream, and we went running into the other apartment to see what was wrong, and she was standing there crying and saying, 'I shrunk! I shrunk!' What she had done is put on this giant sweatshirt which made her arms where the elbows go and the bottom of it went almost to her feet—and it was a gag, a joke, but that was the kind of person she was."

"She was absolutely hilarious, and sexual, too," he continued. "We were staying in Germany in this old castle, and it was when Interview With The Vampire had just come out, the book, and all day, she was reading me little excerpts, especially the excerpts where the little girl vampire, her mind grows, she gets older but her body stays the same, and she starts seducing her victims."

"That night, I went upstairs to my little pointy-roof bedroom," he continued, "and I got in bed, ready to go to sleep, and there's a knock on the door, and she's standing there in this little cotton nightgown with pigtails, holding a teddy bear, and she says to me, 'I'm really afraid and I can't sleep; can I say in here with you?' And I said, 'Sure, why not?' And she got in the bed and she turned herself so all I could see was her beautiful neck, and I became a vampire. We started to get together, and I realized how incredibly inventive this woman was, and she was just so much fun to be with. This is really a loss."

Besides her acting talents, Boyer is also credited with scripting VCA's The New Barbarians 1 & 2 in 1990.

Check back to for updates as more details of her death become known.

AVN posted this salute to Erica 0n Jan 14, 2010
PORN VALLEY—We always knew Erica Boyer (neé Amanda Jensen) was a big star, but we hardly realized how big until we saw and heard the outpouring of sentiment from a variety of adult industry veterans on the occasion of her death.

"I went to visit her a number of times at her home," stated AIM's Dr. Sharon Mitchell, "and I can't tell you how many times I've traveled down that highway, 98, that she was apparently crossing, and her son told me—it was the weirdest thing—she decided to cross the street at the same time this guy was going, and neither of them saw each other. They're saying it was right after the [New Year's Eve] fireworks; I thought it was right after midnight, but maybe I'm wrong. She's survived by her 12-year-old son, Davis, and her husband, Derek."

Mitchell also has fond memories of their living together in the late '80s.

"Freddie [Lincoln] and she and I lived together in Ventura for the longest time, and we all toured Europe together," she continued. "Yeah, I remember the good times ... and the mushrooms. We could never come down or go to sleep, so I would do my Julia Child impersonation and make these elaborate recipes, and she'd change her clothes like eight or ten times a night.

“One time Danielle, the blonde porn star, she always had this little dog with her, who was really sweet,” Mitchell continued. “We were tripping one day, doing mushrooms, and Danielle had this little pink shirt on, and Mandy was such a joker, really funny, and Danielle's crying and crying, sitting on the floor next to the refrigerator at Mandy's place—we had like this whole top of a building; all our apartments adjoined—and I said, 'What's the matter?' And she goes, 'I shrunk! I shrunk!' And I said, 'What do you mean?' And she goes, 'Look what happened! Look what happened!' Mandy had given her this T-shirt and made her think that she shrunk. She was a doll and such a sweetheart and so full of life and so wonderful. It's just really horrible to lose her."

"I met her up in Canada," recalled award-winning actor/director Brad Armstrong. "I was originally from Toronto and she was up there feature dancing. I was a male stripper up there and I had just shot my first layout for Playgirl magazine; this was in '88. My first movie ever was '89, and what happened was, in '88, I met Erica, and we got to talking, and I told her I'd started shooting magazines and I'd like to come down and do some more, and she was just kind of wrapping up for a comeback—she'd been out for a little while—and she brought me down to meet Suze Randall and the people at Hustler, and we shot a bunch of boy/girl layouts for Suze and Matty and a few of the other people around, Vogel. I'd just bought a house up in Canada, and I had to go back up there, and we batted it back and forth for about six months, and on one of those trips back, she flew me in for her comeback movie, Bowling Bimbos From Boston. Jim Enright directed, and I met all the guys down here: Eric Price, Mike Horner and Randy Spears—they were all in it, and I was shitting my pants because all these guys were big stars. We did a couple more movies; we did Headlock for Freddie [Lincoln] because I know Patty Rhodes was on the set, and we did one more."

"We started banging, for lack of a better word, but she was pretty much a lesbian, but for whatever reason, she took a liking to me," he continued. "And while I was down there for that six months, I lived with her and we were for all intents and purposes a couple for that six months. And then I left back for Canada, and she kind of disappeared, so it was an exciting six months but that was the end of it; the long-distance relationship took its toll, and I stayed up in Canada until '92 when I came back. But if it hadn't been for Erica bringing me down here, there probably would have been no Brad Armstrong."

"I had a big crush on Erica Boyer back in 1980, when I saw her in Cowgirls in Chains at the North Beach Cinema in San Francisco," John Stagliano told AVN. "That movie was notable in that Erica showed off her ass for the camera, as opposed to just jumping into a sex scene. I remember there was some cheesy story with Erica in a cowgirl outfit and she was washing down a real horse, but she never did anything sexual with the horse; she just started to play with herself. But the sex scene with a guy after that was nothing compared to her incredible solo ass tease."

"When she came back into the business in 1983, I was just getting started making movies," he continued. "I remember sliding down onto my knees in a Studio City lounge when I heard she was available to be cast in a movie I was doing production on. I was ecstatic that this unbelievably natural, hot, anal-obsessive girl was working again. Bruce Seven and I exploited her sexuality repeatedly when we first started making movies together. It is alleged that I had sex with her at the wrap party after the first movie Bruce and I did together, but I got too drunk to remember. Bruce and I had this sense that we could do movies that were genuinely hot, and Erica was our icon of that ideal.

"She was as nice a person as she was sexual," Stagliano continued. "But she really preferred girls. I went up to see her at the Mitchell Brothers' theater in San Francisco; she was performing in the Ultra Room and she promised to meet me after her last show, at a local Polk Street bar. She did not show up. She claimed she lost the key to the lock on the chains that bound her to her partner in the show. (Up to this day, I believe her.)  Probably she didn't show up because she sensed that I did not understand S/M in a way that would satisfy her, or maybe it was just because I was a guy. In any case she was an exquisite wet dream."

Among the other interests Stagliano shares with his general manager, Chris Mann, is a love of Boyer.

"I had a chance to talk to her at length the night they inducted her and Jeanna Fine into the Showgirl Video Legends of Erotica ceremony a few years ago," Mann related. "I think I creeped her out telling her how I enjoyed the Loose Ends movies she did for Bruce Seven when everyone else was shooting wishy-washy porn and she was burning up the screen ... plus those real natural boobs drove me crazy."

"I tried to imitate one of those Loose Ends scenes, and its set, in my movie No Man's Land—Director's Choice, but it was just that: Imitation, nothing more," he continued. "I had it as an all-black dubatine thing and I had these massage tables all covered in black Hefty-bag material. I tried to re-create—they used almost a mud-wrestling type of a pit which would be lined with heavy-duty Hefty-bag plastic in the original Loose Ends, and I did that. I tried to have all the same toys and all. Part of what made the Loose Ends series interesting was Bruce Seven's sets, and I tried to re-create the set and the scene."

Actor Scotty Scwartz Posted this Tribute on Jan 14, 2010
If the name Scotty Schwartz doesn't ring a familiar note, check out the movie A Christmas Story- he's the kid whose tongue gets stuck to a frozen pole...

He writes me: Gene, As I sit here today, I am completely devastated. I still read your site a few times a week but today became a truly sad day.

Hearing about the passing of Amanda Jensen aka Erica Boyer is just beyond belief. As you know, but I'm sure most of your "newer" readers don't know me, I was around in the era of Erica/Amanda, the late 80's thru the 90's.., Amanda and I were very good friends.

For a few years back in the late 1980's-early 90's, she lived out in Agoura Hills.. not only did my brother and I both watch her cats when she left town but she would come over to my parents place to have dinner, she was like one of the family & she was one sweet woman.

I even roadied for her a few times back then ... Anyone who knew her always had good things to say about her, she was not only a Hall of Famer in the industry, but she was a Terrific person ! Getting phone calls from Amanda were always filled with joy and laughter, her smile lit up a room.

When Amanda left the industry, she really left most everyone behind ... about a year or so after she left I got a christmas card of her with her new family, her husband, and young son Davis. She was so happy to move on the next chapter of her life. Then for about a decade we didn't speak ... sometimes friends move, families and lives keep us so busy we just lose touch ...

All of that changed ONLY a month ago ... I was in her old hometown of Arlington, TX mid-December and I decided to see if I could find her again... I did a people search on the internet and don't you know, a phone # came up in Florida ... I called and it was HER on the answering machine.
I left a message and within an hour she called me back...

Amanda and I hadn't spoken in over a decade and it was like we picked up where we left off.. she and I spoke about our family's, she told me about her beautiful home in Florida, it was on the beach and she was excited that we had reconnected and couldn't wait to introduce me to her husband Derrick and son Davis. She wanted me to come see her in February after the super bowl as that's when Derrick would be home.

I had missed my old friend and my old friend missed me, it was so wonderful & heartwarming. She spoke about a photo album she still had from her days in the industry and how saddened she was that some of them had passed on at such an early age weird this all has become now!

Amanda spoke about life in Florida as busy, she was volunteering at some old folks home, a kids hospital where she dressed up like a clown, and other things... she really loved doing so much for so many people who weren't as fortunate as she was.

TODAY is truly one of the saddest days of my life, I already missed my friend once and now I can't get to say hello to her again. To all those who have been around since "back in the day" and knew Amanda, say a prayer, the world has lost a good, kind, loving, caring person.

With all the love and care in the world Amanda, I will always cherish our friendship and I will always have a special place in my heart for you.
Once again, I miss U.

Sincerely, Scotty Schwartz