In the late 80s, Hustler Magazine & Western Visuals, teamed up to start a record label.
Featuring X-Rated vocal recordings of  ‘Big Name Porn Starlets’ the aim was simple.
To cash in on the popularity of the starlets & to introduce a new genre to the record market. Their first project turned out to be the labels only release, but they started at the top of the list by signing Erica Boyer to be their debut album.

‘Passion Unlimited’ featured only 2 cuts, one on each side of the album. On each side Erica talked directly to the listener and described in a sultry tone, what she wanted the listener to do to her, and what she wanted to do to the listener. Each track set to a slow jazz beat in the background, the listener could close their eyes and imagine being with Erica, listening to her sounds of intense pleasure.

Originally sold only in adult bookstores or thru mail order, as record stores couldn’t stock the album due to it’s Extreme X-Rated content. After the small initial run of a few hundred copies actually pressed, the joint venture record label closed it’s operations, with Hustler going back to magazines, & Western Visuals going back to video productions.

This Album is an EXTREME rarity and sought out by collectors of music and erotica.

Here now it is available on CD.
The CD comes in a jewel case featuring an artwork insert based on the original album cover, direct from Erica
For Only